Friday, October 14, 2011

Building a (Tree) House : Part 3

We are completely moved out of our old house, and nearly all moved into our Tree House! It's pretty rad. I took some pictures of the inside while Ix was putting up some bubble wrap insulation. (DJ Ix is a Bubble Rapper!) You will have to excuse the mess, we are still sorting everything out.

Awww, sleeping kitties on the bed!
Eventually the bed will go up to the top floor and we will have more space downstairs.

Look at Ix's pants! Britches be CRAZY!

We put up those black plastic bags to help the cats not freak out.
We will take them down soonish. Lots more insulation to go up.

Note the cat-flap on the bottom right?
That goes to the litter box room, which I have been calling "The Internet" in, "Hey look, Hobbes is using the Internet."

That's the door over there, I need to paint it so its not light purple...

And our wood stove that JME helped me make. We are calling the stove Jack. It keeps us toasty warm.

oh, I guess that's all the way around again... But you can kinda see the top floor in this one.

Behold Jack's stove pipe!


  1. Looks pretty neat. Is it 1 room? Any plans on adding on to it in the future? Expanding to nearby trees etc. lol :)

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