Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tiny Plumbers

After much deliberation, I decided to move all the content from my Tiny Dev Blog over here. Because it just didnt make sense having two dev blogs, and I want everyone to be able to see what I have in store for Tiny Plumbers.

Train Ride

Mmmmm.... Lolly Pops.

This is the progression to 'Full Resolution' that I went through to make the wallpapers for the Neko PowerUp.

It really is amazing how after seeing the high-res version, its what you see in your mind while playing the game :D

You might have noticed that unlike some other platformers where you can fly for a while and then they drop you back to the earth, Neko lets you keep flying depending on your takeoff speed. The problem being that, players once obtaining the power, can glide over the whole level avoiding everything.

The Solution... Neko Police:

Run! its the Fuzz!

If your in the air too long, Neko Police will fly at you Joust style trying to knock you out of the sky. If you take out the first one, more will appear until you have a real problem.


Split screen mode is almost finished!

Couple of bugs to work out before its playable. Right now its taking you back to the title screen when one of the players loses all his lives... its also creating two player ones... :\
But yeah, this should pave the way for full networked multi-player.


  1. Is there a way we can kill the police? D: Just for the lols, not that I support flying through the entire level (this is not fun). I used to LOVE killing the shopkeepers in Spelunky, and having my face printed in "wanted" panflets spread through the following levels.

    You're doing an awesome jorb, so far loving it :3 d