Thursday, September 1, 2011

Building a House (part 2) and N8 development

Work on our house (now called the TreeHouse) is going great. Its nearly finished.

Its hard to get a good shot of it... you kind of need to be there.

Ix watching the sunrise after our first night indoors.

Me safe inside during the "Hurricane"

The day after, when the town below was with out power... I had solar power in the TreeHouse.

Uhh... yeah, i was up there.

however, yesterday while applying some tar for weather proofing, I fell off a ladder (in a much safer position then the one in the pic above) and hit my right hand pretty badly. So today I'm working on N8 for a bit, and hoping I don't need to go to the hospital.

On my list of things to add/fix:
Better Week Long Build (more integrated into Teams)
Tronic Totems.
Personal Totems for Construct Cells.
A way to increase Construct Cells.

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