Friday, May 25, 2012

Neverdaunt* - Unity3D Upgrade

These are the details you have been waiting for.
This is just a preliminary collection of the changes you can expect to see. Nothing is set in stone, but I hope most of these features and ideas make it into the new version.

No more red loading wall waiting, because there will be no more cells. Blocks will load in as you move.
Blocks will also, no longer overlap... the upside being that there wont be a block limit.
Instead of locked cells, individual blocks will be lockable by the Ludus. This means we can create stable areas that are also someplace you can build... You could build a little chibi hut in the great forest and live there.

Move with blocks will be working from the beginning.

Instead of owning a cell, each player will have a Totem. Placing a totem will let you build in an area around it. (You wont be able to place a totem inside someone else's building area.) You can build as much as you want there, pick it up and put it down somewhere else and do the same.

Stars will play a bigger roll, they will be used to power tronics, ships, etc. Totems will collect stars. Totems placed near others will cause the near by totems to collect stars quicker.

Teams are going to change drastically. There may be a team territory sub game, but it wont be the focus of teams. Instead, there will be a new kind of Epic, called a Minioning Item, and teams will use this format as well as a few APC's...

Minioning items will let you become a leader and recruit minions. Minions are given special items to designate them. Leaders are given an amount(depending on other factors) of xp per day. Leaders can not use the xp themselves, nor can they obtain minion special items, the xp must be given to minions. Minions can use the xp to level up their special items.
Some Minioning items will give leaders control over a specific totem, or locked space, like a headquarters.

NPC's will be easier to create, and special tronics will be created to make programing them as easy as possible. Also, instead of logging out and leaving the world, you'll have an option to Sleepwalk and become an NPC yourself while you are offline.

Also, there is a cool, minigame/experience where you'll earn your totem when the game starts. It's designed to let the first 5min of the game draw you in and give you a sense of purpose.


  1. Finaly, i should make my return to n8 when it's done :)

  2. n8 never played since I was crazy when I saw it was in update and really wanted to play and I'm still hoping that I can have fun playing n8

  3. Can't wait! You are still working on this right?