Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More nugget editor fixes... Some other stuff.

Also made the nugget editor click to move not woosh to the objects center anymore.. that's a lot nicer.

Also I am going to semi-officially announce that some big things are afoot for RobotLovesKitty.

A new game called, "Attack of the Ectype" is being developed featuring the toys made by my friend Jaimie.

It's going to be a scrolling topdown shooter with a nifty story and awesome music. It will be the first of the "Adventure Builder" series of games.

Neverdaunt is undergoing it's awesome upgrade to Unity3D multiplatform amazingness, and in the process is getting a complete overhaul. I know I keep saying this, but more info is coming soon.

Also, there is a third secret project that's starting up... involving cats and mice... 

How can I accomplish all this nonsense? No worries, I'm at my best when I've bitten off more then I can chew. Plus, seriously, I built an MMO from scratch for my first major programming project, I have ways of doing cool stuff that seems impossible.


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