Thursday, February 2, 2012

Construction Zone etc...

Today I finished all the basic nuggets for Level 3 - Water World and Level 4 - Construction Zone!
This level is my favorite so far :D
On top of that there are 5 new blips, and a fire breathing pipe snail! Oh! and ice bricks that only break from fire, for the Ice level that is coming next. Good to have the networking out of the way for a moment so I can focus on adding fun stuff :D

New bilps are:
Lava Blip (plumbers can't catch you if you are on fire)
Fast Blip
Bullet Blip (turns into a bullet when hit)
Ghost Blip (floats, there is one in the screenshot above)
Coin Blip (will give a up a coin when killed, so do some of the other new blips)

Egads, also, I added a mega coin worth 10 coins. Damn, I got a lot done today.