Saturday, January 14, 2012


This should not be one of my most frequently run programs.
On an up note, Tiny Plumbers Multi-Player is nearly complete!!! I just have to clean up some of the new gui and sync a couple more things :D

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  1. That's actually one of the reasons why i've tried to move away from unity actually. There are some very serious bugs that the only solution for is "start your whole project over". One of them that comes to mind is the runtime compiler constantly failing to grab important dlls related to unity.

    Had that happen in a project as simple as a 2D braekout clone that i spent <1 hour on. It would no longer load up, and the only way to fix it that anyone suggested is to start over and try not to do whatever I did.

    I understand that programs have bugs, and unity is generally pretty good at fixing them, but until the editor doesn't crash every half an hour for me I won't be using it any longer.