Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Powerups

In order to answer what everyone has been saying.. "It's a M**** Clone!" I have decided to skip out on the editor today and add two more of the planned Power Ups...

You may have noticed this one on the website title.
This is the Robot PowerUp.
He shoots energy bolts and has twice the gravity.

And the Blue Zilla Suit.
It makes you able to run really fast and do spin attacks when you jump.

Oh, and there are large blue Zillas too...
Perhaps these new images will sway your opinion? Probably not...
:D oh well. You have to take internet comments very lightly eh?

OH, and one more thing... the art here, it is INTENTIONAL. Egads, low res art is a challenge, not a crutch.


  1. I really like what your'e doing here, keep up the great work!

    btw, do you have any more power ups planned for the future?

  2. Yeah I have a huge list, just not sure which ones will make it in or not :D

  3. I really love the low-res style of it. Game looks amazing ;)