Friday, April 1, 2011

Getting so much done lately

I have ended up separating the Animate Tronic into Animate, and AnimateGet. This way you'll be able to grab a frame of animation with AnimateGet, and input with Animate without it writing to a data every flow. So those are all done and working, but I want to test for a little longer to make sure its not going to thrash the server\networking.

I animated this to test... I'm sorry.

'IMPORT' command is finished, basicly its 'LOAD' without deleting everything, now we just need 'SAVEATTACHED' :D

Speakers can output any sound in the data/sfx folder. Just send it the filename :D

Working on the Set\Get Data GUI right now.


  1. Wait, so does the speakers making noise mean that we can't have them say things like "Crumble"? Or would it be "Crumble.wav"?

  2. I'm curious now. Do you check for the first word in the string and compare it to play it, or do you check every word?

  3. if input.endswith(".wav") andalso file.exists(input) then