Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vending GUI

Simple and Effective.


  1. Make something similar for coinvends,but make it so you can choose how many you put in :D.

  2. battleben if he did that he would have to recode coin vends and besides you can fix that by makeing it count the world won't end yet

  3. 1) It wouldn't be that hard to recode
    2) It's easier to fix the source of the problem than mask it every time with hotfixes
    3) He didn't say it was urgent, he was merely restating the suggestion that's been said over and over. Nothing about world ending.
    4) If you are going to tell somebody that they can't do something, you really should give them an alternative suggestion. Otherwise you're just being a negative asshole.

  4. Hmm.. I don't quite like the design.

    The button inside of the GUI uses shape edges, while the GUI base itself uses round edges. You should center the "HP Energy Drinks" text, make the button a bit smaller so it isn't right next to the border of the GUI, and round the edges of the button.

    But hey, that's just me.

    Silly, ignorant me. :D