Friday, March 11, 2011

Other Stuff

Equipping Swords\Shields will cause them to go directly to your hand. Pressing F or R will auto hold items on your back (punching will require you to un-equip items). We are also getting little noob helper icons that say things like: "F = Use Sword" and they light up when you use them (you can turn these off in the config).

I am having a bit of trouble with the Gizmo sliding, I need to figure this out:
So if anyone has some info on that, that would be rad.

Animate Tronic is going to be 1000x awesomer...est. Make a Robot, attach all the parts to each other proper, and have them all attached to the waist block... attach a single Animate Tronic to the waist... pose the robot. It will output to a data info containing the positions for every block attached (with limitations obviously). Put it in an array, add a second array with speed per frame... fully animated stuff with Tronics. So yeah.. that's going to happen. :D 


  1. sounds like 2 things 1 people will use it to trap people and 2 lag ? if both are wrong aion you just found something that i could use to fill up my 2 useless cells people keep takeing

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  3. Whoops, I didn't see that you already said there would be limitations on the animate tronic... anyway I love it.