Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting close now

double pixel icons in the shop.
Advanced Menu!
The local movement Gizmo is complete.. and its awesome. It's so much easier to build now.


  1. Mixed feelings on the doubled icons. It seems too pixelated to me (bad), while also giving a better view of the object (good, of course). Also not too sure about having a music note next to Delete.

    But y'know, that's just me.

  2. Well it is 8:Bit, and it's not too pixelly. Although somewhere in the middle might just be perfect.

  3. I still say the blockmenu is far too compact, the icons don't make much sense, and the close button might've been better in a different position.

    Having delete that close to everything else means that you could theoretically accidentally delete it by clicking too quickly.

  4. this better?

    I had Ix test the accidental delete thing and she said it was alright, do to the fact that you have to click down, and up on while still over the button.... if someone just clicks like a madman on everything randomly I cant help them :D

  5. Maybe just reverse the arrow on the "Pick up"? Seems weird, but the newer icons make sense other than that.

    I don't know. I build really quickly as i've been doing it for so long, and from what i can judge i'll do it at least 10 times while building at my normal pace. I won't know for sure until it goes lives however.

  6. Do we still get the old keyboard shortcuts? I could see it getting tedious to delete a lot of things using this method, though it does look awesome for general building.

    Also I'm sure it's just because it's still in development, but you should label the text precision menu again :)

  7. Yeah, old keyboard shortcuts are still in, I believe.

  8. yes, Ctrl Click still moves blocks, Alt click still rotates on Y (although rotating with the gizmo is better). Holding Alt while moving attaches. Ctrl X still deletes.
    Although z and x clicking nodes no longer functions.. cause you just click them now.