Thursday, February 24, 2011

Animate and Ludus Tronics

Amidst the whirlwind of GDC madness, I have managed to get some work done :D

Just got the Animate Tronic working. I ended up keeping speed and position\rotation on separate data's... I know that's not what we talked about but trust me, its going to be awesome like this. I'll put together some kind of animated Tronic creature and it will all make sense.

The Ludus Info and Give Tronics are also finished. Info will tell lots of stuff about who started the flow, and give is capable of creating items like tokens, and bombs etc, as prizes for playing games. I am working on upgrading Give to hand out unique game items that activate remote Tronics when used, instead of the magic system... closer and closer to making almost anything you can think up possible.

Sadly, I probably wont update until I get back from the GDC. I refuse to leave you guys with a broken and buggy game. Hold on tight though, N8 is going to get even more amazing.