Saturday, January 8, 2011

Freakin Teams, How do they work?

Orbs will be given to the team leaders.. on activation they will recive:

Recruiter Staff - allows access to commands: 
 TEAM RECRUITER Playername - give recruiter sign
 TEAM UNRECRUITER Playername - remove recruiter sign

Boot Hammer - allows access to the command:
 TEAM BOOT Playername - remove a player from the team

Construct Wrench - allows access to the command:
 TEAM BUILDER Playername - gives them a hard hat that allows build access to any team cell
 TEAM UNBUILDER Playername - removes that access and hat

Crown - commands:

Leaders will also get the first Team Sword and Recruiter Sign (so they can add new members)

Hitting players with a Recruiter Sign will give new players a team invitation that only they can open. Once opened they will be a part of that team. Team members will get a Team Sword and shoulder armor with a color that signifys that team.

When a team member takes a cell using their team sword, that cell is a team cell. Only Friends on the same team will be able to build (along with any team builders)

Team cells surrounded on each side by 4 team cells makes the cell protected, and unable to be taken.

Next post, more finalized info on team levels, tokens and xp.

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