Monday, January 31, 2011


Completely rewrote the way Tronics handle data today. FDat's work great on the first try. All the foundations for functions are ready, I bet they'll be working tomorrow.
A functional FDat. This Tronic counts to 400 if you press all of the buttons with a Data in the FDat's place. But with the FDat it counts to 100 4 times, once for each flow, and resets to nothing when each flow completes.

testing a looping with an If=. The active wire is lit up cyan, but it shows white in real time, weird.
I did a bit of a rewrite\cleanup on how the server stores and sends wires, hopefully that will clear up some of the wire bugs that have been reported
I am also going to be adding the much requested and needed data manipulation Tronics, and a standard format for arrays and sorted lists.

 data|data|data|data = array
 sort:data|sort:data| = sortedlist
(this is just the preliminary idea, speak up if you can think of something it will break)

New Tronics that utilize this format are:
  • Get (DataB = the index\sort in the array\list to return data for)
  • Count (Outputs the number of entrys in the array\list)
  • Contains (will return "yes" or "no" if DataA contains whats in DataB)
  • Remove (DataA = data to remove, DataB = the data it is to be removed from)
  • and possibly a few others.
I will also be adding a new Tronic called Animate, capable of both moving and rotating with a variable speeds.


  1. Awesome but what's with the purple land in the top picture?

  2. ^^ It's part of the pretty pack. Not very good, and just a placeholder.

    But will it require the Pipe character in-game? If so, I can't use it.
    Along with:
    ' " \ | = + ~ ` PgUp PgDn

  3. Making those keys function for everyone needs to happen first then. Maybe i can cut out the key input code and send it to you, then we can figure that out....

  4. So I'm a little confused with the flow loop at the top.

    If you press the button to make it count to 100 how does it know when to stop, if I does know, without an equal or greater than? Does the flow loop stop after 100 laps?

  5. the flow itself does the counting, it keeps track of every Tronic it moves through and will stop if it has passed it 100 times.
    I may also add a flow count reduction Tronic to allow you to set the loop to something lower.