Thursday, December 23, 2010

Target and CoinVend

I have this coin vend rigged to open a door. There is a switch so it can be moved to a special location inside where you can withdraw tokens from it :D

Oh, and that target behind me sends flow with swords\shields\punches


  1. Make sure to remember all of the very simple comparitive/manipultation tronics that would help with arrays and string-seeking. :D

    Oh, and modulus.

    Otherwise it's looking really nice. Not sure about the white around the target though, but I don't have an alternative color to suggest..

  2. I got a question!
    How can i make the vend drop the coins it gathered only when i delete it?:D

  3. Not anymore,i found how,i just made a door to open by dropping a token in vend!But the token appeared on the vend and i didn`t wanted this,so i just deconnected the flow in from vend that was attach to flow out from rotor and now it will give the tokens only when i delete it!Ingenious right?:D