Monday, December 20, 2010


So the plan has been to put in Move-With-Blocks next... but after careful consideration I think there are a few more gameplay elements that need to be added first. Move-With-Blocks is going to take a while to write, and I want to make sure you have enough content to play with while I work on it.

The Map. Pretty self explanatory.. It would be quite valuable for new players to have a map. It will likely replace the compass.

A handful of useful Tronics:
Teams. This is going to be a bit complicated. Going to start out with 3 Teams: Red, Green and Blue.
Here are my unrefined notes:

team cells on four sides = protected
team cells are taken with team swords (you start out with a lvl1 team sword) 
mutual friends can only edit team cells if they are also on that team. 
team color will appear in Info Bar.
Team XP - each cell +1 - each protected cell +2 -> Team levels unlock stuff
Levels unlock special vending machines.
Team Tokens - for various tasks
  cells generate team tokens
  taking a team cell = 10 tokens
  killing a team player = 1 token
  expanding to a new team cell - 2 tokens

Team HQ
Taking the HQ causes all team cells to revert, first cell taken with a team sword becomes HQ
HQ shop - copy code from the shop mostly -- buy with team tokens.
  team swords - buy 5 levels (team Zanbato?)
  team sholder things? - 5 levels (base sholder not removeable...Capes if I can do it!)
  buyable team sheilds - 5 levels

binding of team items - only team members can equip team items.
team inviter - Join Team Red! sign -> creates Invitation (use to accept) 

Leader command = Leader playername - server tallys votes, leader owns HQ

 Leader and his mutual same team friends can edit any team cell.
 My hope is to allow for self organization and government of the team. Democracy's, Monarchy's , Anarchy's and everything in-between should be possible

names for each, perhaps a vote on the forums.
Red -
Green -
Blue -


  1. I forgot to mention, Team HQ's become that teams Safe Cell. As long as the HQ is protected They are safe there. But if one of the 4 Sides is taken It becomes unsafe and players will spawn back at Safe Castle.

  2. So will the teams be on their own grid?

  3. It is something I have considered, but I think I want to keep it on the main grid. If only too keep things nice an lively there.

    I will likely be adding a bit more cells when this happens.