Friday, November 5, 2010


Writing all this subscription code is giving me a chance to create all sorts of cool little things I have been meaning to do but never got around to. Like safely deleting and re-adding cells in real time without it eating the players and items.

Anyhow here is the current way subscriptions are planned to function:
Once you buy a Subscription...
  • Your personal grid is created, with a total of 9 Cells in a square. (increased block count there is a possibility)
  • You find an Elite-o-fication item in your inventory.
  • At any time you can use a console command to teleport to your grid, a kind of second home.
  • On your grid you will have console commands to make cells Locked, Public, Build, Static, Elite, Sacred etc. And set ownership to whoever. (Static cells on your grid wont produce tokens)
  • Radios on your grid wont transmit back to the world grid.
  • Epics on your grid will return to the world grid under various conditions.
  • When Tronics cost tokens, subscribers will be able to spawn unlimited Tronics in their personal grid. 
  • If you take your Elite-o-fication item and use it on a shrine you own, it will turn the cell to MakeElite Mode for 32 hours. During this time your cell will be take-able/bomb-able, but in build mode. At the end of this time it will change to Elite Mode. And be untakeable while you still have a subscription.
  • When an Elite Mode Cell is bombed, blocks delete for a short period of time, but come back. (So paying players wont be able to hide Epics etc that you cant get to)
  • Subscribers will be able to place teleporters in Elite or MakeElite Mode Cells to allow other players to visit their personal grid.
  • When a subscriber cancels or stops payment on their subscription the cells in the personal grid go into a Frozen Mode for 2 days, giving the owner a chance to renew their subscription without losing their grid. After that, the grid is deleted (any dropped items will return to your inventory, any players logged out there will return to Safe Castle)
  • There will be only one personal grid per account.

We aren't ready to reveal the subscription pricing just yet, but I can tell you the lowest price option is close to the lowest ticket option.

Oh, I started looking at all this data I am collecting in the database. Yesterday was a slow day, I pulled the server up at one point to find 5 people online. However, there were 65 people online yesterday, all that signed up more then a week ago... 65 returning players on a slow day. There were also a total of 177 returning players online this week. That's probably a pretty accurate account of how many consistent players we have. Obviously that number needs to go up, but yeah, I feel pretty good about it.

Yesterday I also had more Paypal payment notifications then bug reports. **SUCCESS**


  1. Awesome, will there be a possibility of teleporters between personal grids?

    Also are you planning on different packages with different features? I'd suggest only have one package and if you wish to improve add it on.

    I would honestly only pay for it if it were 5 dollars or 60 bucks a year. When I think of paying for a game I consider how long I'm going to play it and if it's a subscription service I want it to seem to last forever and a fair price. I should be considered the cheap group of people, as I know people will be glad to spend more than that.

  2. Tronic Teleporters will work between any two locations, no matter what grid you are on. So yes, as soon as I get those done.

    Their are basic subscriptions, and others that are Subscriptions plus monthly tickets. And yearly subscriptions\yearly subscriptions with tickets.

    I am in the same group as you weasel, I'm not the kind of person that could drop $100 on a f2p game, so we are trying to make them something that I would consider buying.

  3. Will the most basic subscription get tickets? Like maybe 100 a month or even 20-25 a week would be even better.