Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Delicious Code

Public Subs As New SortedList(Of Integer, Subscription)
Public Sub SubCheck()
        Dim toastedsubs As New List(Of Integer)
        For Each s As KeyValuePair(Of Integer, Subscription) In Subs
            s.Value.Check() 'update-freeze-remove
            If s.Value.toast Then
            End If
        For Each s As Integer In toastedsubs
            If Subs.ContainsKey(s) Then
            End If
End Sub

All thats left now is:
  • Radio Issues - personal grids will transmit on a limited range of channels. That should be simple enough.
  • Epic Drops to Elite Shrine\Safe Castle
  • Papal buttons and payment accept code (really easy)
 lots of Rhindish o_o
Elite Shrine

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