Friday, October 1, 2010

Cell loading

I have been working hard on cell loading... by stripping the game of its biggest slow down. The physics system. "Physics system??", you say, "wtf? N8 doesn't have Physics!".
Dude, chill out. I have been using a physics system to speed up different ray casting and collision tests. Problem is, the physics bodies for each block is the longest part of the load time.

Preliminary results are a **SUCCESS**. Loading 3 full cells takes about 10 seconds. (this of course will vary hugely depending on the hardware)

"But Aion, wont that slow things down? I thought the physics system was fast? Am I gona get like 4fps after this update???"

Now you hold on a minute sugar tits. Would I do that to you? I am going to fix it, somehow... removing the physics system broke everything from combat to building... somehow monsters are still able to walk around... but even that needs to be rewritten. Lets just say I have some ideas about it.

A) rewrite huge parts of the game to work with this setup.
B) TOP SECRET thing you cant know about.
C) block format change over (now that the majority of the slow down is gone from file loading, this should actualy help instead of being negligible)
D) Preload outer cells... good bye loading walls.

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