Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Almost Ready...

Got the new player signup and shop working on the test server just now!

If all goes well I'll bring the server down some time tomorrow and and do the move :D

If you want to test out the new server before hand, here's how
(Oh, and remember everything on this server will be wiped and replaced with content from the real current server, so don't expect anything you do there to matter)

Make a text file in your N8 directory with the name: server.txt
inside the file put:

to go back to the real N8, just delete\rename the file.

also try making an account here:


  1. Can't sign up with that url.
    that can't be found.

  2. ive been taking the webserver up and down to try and get the php\PEAR mail stuff to work (so i can have a signup email and password retrieval thing)

    try now.